Impel Reader

Online Library Management System

Impel Reader is an online based library management system. This software automates the whole process in simple yet functional manner.


Impel Reader is an web application that can efficiently index materials with categories, tracks status of materials, payments, circulations, as well as manages patrons with searching capabilities . Impel reader is designed in such a way that it's simple yet unique UI(User interface) can assist the user in conducting traditional library operations.

Key Features

Manage inventory by indexing materials.
Classifying materials with categories, tags and languages.
Search inventory with title, author, category, tags, ISBN etc.
Handout Inventory information in Excel/ PDF format.
Track required inventory with respective author/s.
Filter or sort materials according to category, language, ascending, descending order.
Manage quantity or availability of materials.
Auto generation of barcode for new materials.
Track Patron information. Depending on patron type expiry date, fine per day and book limit will be determined.
Track record of borrowed materials.
Track record of received materials.
Track and show material availability to patrons and librarians.
Track the count of lost/damaged materials.
Automatic calculation of fine depending on different parameters.
Based on fine calculation collect the fine of the required patron.
Depending on the issue date the expiry date of borrowed material would appear for a particular patron.
With specific tracking number order materials from vendors.
By definite order number purchase required materials.
Track required receiving and payment process.
Invoicing purchased materials easily.
Tracking issues of materials.
Tracking records and information of required material.
Track Newspaper holdings.
Placing and Receiving Subscription Orders.
Description coming soon.
Request materials for reading and issuing.
Description coming soon.
Search materials by different categories, languages etc.
Receive notifications of new materials and other stuffs.
Categorize library company profile (admin and operator.)
Description coming soon.
Export Inventory report
Track and export issue or sales related reports.
export Fine related documents.
Import waivers