Micro Enterprise Resource Planning Software

mERP Software is created with an objective to assist in overall business procedure so that clients can experience flexible and complexity free business experience. It can help to maintain efficiency in conducting business procedures.


mERP is a micro enterprise resource planning solution for conducting various business management tasks such as Order, Purchase, Sale (Challan), Invoice, Client Payment, Supplier Payment, Accounts etc. for ensuring productivity in a hassle free manner. Hence with evolving business growth users can customize and operate mERP software to keep track of information related to offer, sales, payment, delivery in all –inclusive space.

Key Features

create product requisition of related organization supplies.
Approval procedure of created in-house PR.
storage of in house products.
In-house product delivery from storage.
Receive required PO with necessary information.
Create Client PR against the received PO.
Approval of the requested customer PR.
Delivery of the requested PR by challan.
Create Challan with required client information
Search previous challan
Update required challan
Delete required challan
Return challan products
Description coming soon.
Create invoice for a client for one or more challans
Search procured invoices
Update Invoice Information
Delete required invoice information.
Add new product in product list
Search required product.
Update product information
Delete product information.
Purchase products with required purchase related information.
Search required purchase product information.
Update purchased product information.
Delete purchased product information.
Invoice payment of required clients can be done.
Search procured Invoice Payment details.
Update required invoice payment.
Delete required invoice payment.
Add supplier payment of the required supplier.
Search Supplier payment details of the required supplier.
Update supplier payment information.
Delete supplier payment information.
Advance payment could be given to clients and suppliers individually.
View clients with due or clients with no due. Also view clients whose credit limit expired and listed as blacklisted clients.
Description coming soon.
Search required inventory product and its related information.
Update required inventory information.
Delete required inventory information.
View inventory product and its details.
Manage inventory product information.
Search, Draw or print GRN of required product.
Create Journal Entry with account head, amount and other related information
Create general journal in different panels according to business head and overall business transactions.
Print required general journal report from individual panels.
Create ledger in different panels according to business head and overall business transactions.
Print required ledger from individual panels.
Create account heads for transaction.
Update account head
Delete account head.
Search customer ledger transaction
Update customer ledger information
Delete customer ledger information.
Export Customer Ledger Information.
Export general journal report.
Export ledger report.
Search, view and export invoice summary report.
Search, view and export invoice details report.
Search, view and export transaction summary report.
Formulate required finished product with required raw materials.
Add required in-house product in inventory.
Search required in-house product.
Update required in-house product information.
Delete required in-house product.
Add new bank with required information.
Search required bank
Update required bank info.
Delete required bank
Add new user
Update existing user information.
Delete existing user information.
Change password of the current operating user.
Add new challan category
Update challan category information.
delete challan category information.
Add user privilege and restrictions for specific modules.
Add required product reference.
Add new offer settings.
Create new sister concern, enter an entry transaction amount for the required sister concern and Search sister concern transaction history.
Add new company location
Update required company location.
Delete required company location.
Add new company
Update required company information.
Delete required company.
Add new currency information.
Update new currency information.
delete new currency information.
Add new client with necessary information.
Search required client.
Update required client information.
delete required client.
Add new employee.
Search required employee.
Export employee information.
Assign clients to employee.
Search assigned clients to employee.
Update assigned client information.
Description coming soon.
syncs data in consistent, continuous and harmonized manner.
Replicates data from one server or DB to other to maintain same level of information sharing.
Online backup of data on server arranged by hosting service.