Human Resource Management System

Managing Human resource profile includes numerous tasks such as salary rules configuration, leave management, attendance management and configuring payroll settings. For efficient HR management Silo HRM software can maximize work rate and reduce difficulties of arranging everything in different files by encompassing all the modules in one destination.


Silo HRM software focuses in organizing and configuring overall employee management activities of an office. It was created with a vision of eliminating hazard of information loss in typical file system scenario. Besides for tracking employee attendance, leave, work duration and penalties it highly user –friendly, cost effective and well planned solution.

Key Features

work policy related information such as attendance, leave, holiday and penalties.
Configuring work hours according to salary grades of employee. Also set rules for office starting time, maximum time before late attendance and office ending time.
Add and configure deduction rules as penalties such as absence, late attendance etc. reasons.
Configure and acquire salary sheet based on configuration such as monthly, quarterly etc. settings.
Add weekend day/s .Depending on weekend and holidays total working days per year would be calculated.
Add weekends in the system.
Depending holiday type and name add new holiday in the system.
Configure required holiday information.
Add a new leave type for specific salary grade employees.
Configure leave settings
Employees can request for leaves.
Super admin can view leave request of an employee, approve or disapprove requests.
Add Salary Grades depending on work policy of the organization.
Add and configure salary components depending on salary grades.
A percentage of basic salary could be added as allowance.
Configure allowance settings.
A Super admin can create a new super admin or a branch admin
Search admin information.
Configure admin information.
Add a new branch profile.
Search specific branch list.
Configure branch list information.
Record of attendance of the employees in a branch could be maintained from branch admin’s end.
Add new employee with required employee information.
Search an employee.
Configure employee information.
From super admin’s end notices could be sent to employee which could be viewed from employee’s end.
Super admin can share documents or any related information to employees
With employee id system can track the check in time keep record in the system.
With employee id system can track the checkout time keep record in the system.
Calculates work duration of an employee depending on the check in and checkout time on daily basis.
Remarks could be added in case any user forgets to check in or check out in time.
Generate and obtain attendance report from super admin and branch admin’s end.
Generate and obtain absent and leave records from super admin’s end
Generate and obtain employee promotion records from super admin’s end.
Track, calculate and generate reports of employee salary and other related information.