Warehouse MS

Warehouse Management System

For convenient business transaction Warehouse is designed in such a way that user can maintain required activities such as purchase management, inventory management and challan management etc. without experiencing hassle and complication


Warehouse is suitable for businesses ranging from small to subsidiary to large companies. It provides clarity to view important business modules which will help the user to maintain stable productivity level. Due to easy access to necessary information warehouse will assist the user for considering best business decisions.

Key Features

create product requisition of related organization supplies.
Approval procedure of created in-house PR.
storage of in house products.
In-house product delivery from storage.
Receive required PO with necessary information.
Create Client PR against the received PO.
Approval of the requested customer PR.
Delivery of the requested PR by challan.
Add new product information.
Purchase existing product with price and other information.
Update purchase product list with quantity and other information.
Barcode management of the products.
manage purchased products with information.
product order management with required settings.
Price configuration of the products.
Search inventory products with required information.
Update or edit products in necessary fields.
View inventory products
Manage inventory products.
Description coming soon.
Return or exchange damaged or expired products.
Challan management procedure with related settings.
Purchase management settings with required information.
Inventory management and related information.
Description coming soon.
Mark received damage or expired products.
Create principles with their related info.
Create customers with necessary customer information.
Return partial or entire challan.
syncs data in consistent, continuous and harmonized manner.
Replicates data from one server or DB to other to maintain same level of information sharing.
Online backup of data on server arranged by hosting service.